organized chaos

That is what it is like trying to re-organize and re-order the playroom with 4 kids running around and wide awake way past their bedtime.   Finally after much game playing and laughter our work was complete.

Of course it won't stay this way for long, but it doesn't stop me from
entering their toy zone every few months to "clean it."  It's actually
a good time to sort through their toys and see what is broken or what
they have outgrown, etc.
The other side of kid world is pretty sparse except for some activity areas where the kids can slide & swing, etc. 

It's a long cold winter here (did I mention that already) and we spend a good 3 months indoors.  I won't start whining about that as I'm sure the solutions are obvious. 
At the end of the night the kids were having such a blast with the slide that they slowed down long enough for a picture. 
ETA: picture removed
I'm laughing because my eldest son J's hair looks way-crazy.  Between the actual craziness of his hair and the shadow behind, he looks like someone who just time travelled from the 70's.  Poor kid, he goes to the same hair dresser as his father. 

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