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Where did the time go since my last post? My busy weekend started with a day to myself on Friday where I spent a couple of hours sitting in a coffee shop with my big sister, before I headed to a fabric store to pick out some lovely fabrics that will turn themselves into spring dresses for the girls and a matching skirt for me, at least that is the plan for now. Saturday & Sunday were spent doing things with the kids and celebrating my nephew's 15th birthday. I was hoping to make some headway in getting over this bronchitis this weekend, but I am still feeling bouts of fatigue. After a weekend full of activity I was feeling pretty low all day yesterday. Perhaps this week will bring refreshed health & new energy.

On Thursday evening I did manage to start the projects I was planning with the whimsical fabric from my last post. I knew exactly what I wanted to make and that is always helpful. My 6 yr old ds B loves to help.  He loves being directed and being involved. Often when I am preparing lunch or dinner, he will come into the kitchen to be with me. It's a tricky thing having kids "help." I don't mind the involvement, it's the safety issues that get me. What age is a good age to get them cook over a hot stove, handle knives and other sharp objects? We aren't talking about making cookies here.  Time for mumma to let the wee ones take on more responsibility and trust that things will go well for them. So B has been cutting up vegetables for our salads. To help him play the part he needs the attire. A kitchen apron, made to fit and active boy approved.

He even has a couple of helpers hanging around him. Do you think they are gleaning & learning? Or just stealing the red peppers that he cuts up?

Once the pattern was created and the boys measured up, it was an easy sew. The most time consuming part was making bias tape with the fabric. The one thing I'm very glad I added was an elastic into the strap that goes around the neck.

That way the boys don't have to worry about the apron untying when they are wearing it, or having to tie it up for that matter.

As for the other fabric, I still have to take photos and see if Miss A & Miss J are up to trying their surprise on...did I say to much? You guessed it, the next project was for them.


  1. What a great idea!! Would you mind if I snagged the concept? An apron for helper chefs is perfect!! I've been just putting on my other aprons and they are swimming in them.

  2. By all means help yourself Karla. Let me know how it works out for you as well. I think when kids have their own "tools" it gives them incentive to help out. It's good for the kiddies and for the mummas :)


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