The kids have been sick this past week and all they want is their mumma.  All mumma wants, is to lock herself away in the studio and keep doing more of this.

more sneak peeks

When the wee ones aren't feeling well, things end up going very slow on the creative front, actually back burner is more correct.  I am really hoping the whole sick thing just passes me by.  I'm already feeling a bit energy fatigued.  I'm in the midst of an herbal cleanse and let's just say that the bathroom is my very best friend.   I know, TMI.

more sneak peeks

I'm progressing along and now I'm having fun with trim...

more sneak peeks

and thread...

more sneak peeks

I'll be taking the rest of the week to tend to runny noses and finish up this project and then hopefully I can get busy with some birthday gifts that are around the corner.

Oh and for all my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you have a lovely celebration with friends & family.  xoxo

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