not a complete waste of time

So when I wasn't being mumma yesterday, I spent the rest of my time on my computer trying to familiarize myself with flickr and work out a few custom CSS glitches.  I talked about the whole problem in yesterdays post *blah, blah, blah*   I did try what Beki said in yesterday comments and it worked like a charm.  The only thing was it was still bugging me that I didn't seem to have a choice if I wanted to blog my photo from flickr itself.  Well after much trial and error and CSS editing (it would have taken a programmer about 1 second to fix it - I'm not a programmer), I can now blog my photo - if I want to.  I won't have to cut & paste any html as I made adjustments in my layout.

Then it occurred to me that if I blog from flick r's site, I won't be able to control the time my post is uploaded.   {Ya surely have to know these posts are written the night before and they upload at the specified hour that I time it for.}  Back to Beki's suggestion, I will most likely just be copying and pasting.  I guess that means I wasted a whole ton of time today (glass half empty) or I learned a new skill (glass half full).   All depends on how you view it, the jury is still out for me.

And what are those socks you say?  Well, in the on-going saga of "use up that yarn", I started knitting up some socks for my wee girlies.  I just finished them up last night and will probably whip off a second pair after a break from this yarn.  The leg warmers were a no go with them and so far they don't look all that impressed with my socks either.  So why keep knitting for them you ask?  Well, it's really good practice, keeps my hands busy during a movie and I need to "use-up-that-yarn". 

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