our first snowfall of the season.

first snow fall......

The trees look stately and dignified as they huddle together to sleep for another winter. 

first snow fall....

There is something intrinsically beautiful about snow and the way the flakes flutter gently to earth blanketing all that was once green with a crisp white.  I admit that I love the snow in November and December.  It is as much a part of Christmas preparation for me as Christmas lights and decorating the tree. 

first snow fall

Our street, with it's tall Oak trees, attaches me to a past I've not known and years
gone by when horses and sleds would regularly make their way up
and down the road.  It's like a scene out of Currier and Ives.  Oh there is something romantic about those days.


Today I'll be keeping warm, knitting or making something I'm sure, with hot soup and fresh bread, and if we had a fire place it too would
be roaring.  Maybe later we will go outside and play in a bit of the
white stuff and enjoy the beauty of a new season.   Have a lovely day.

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