plum tuckered out

Is that phrase actually used anymore? Well whether or not it is in use, it is how I feel. I don't sleep very well when my hubby travels. Some weekends are worse than others.  This one fit into the "worse" category. I couldn't seem to manage more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night and I really can't function with that little sleep. I'm exhausted. Because of my tiredness we stayed close to home and did various things like: playing board games while (I) knitting to Christmas themed entertainment (a bit early I know but our lack of snow right now is compelling me).

wip hat

The sun came out in all her brilliance while I was knitting at the kitchen table. It was beautiful, comforting and warm. And what was I knitting? With available wool in my stash I went ahead and gave the Robin's Egg hat a whirl. It knit up quickly (big needles) but in the end I still found the pattern to be a bit big. Yes, I should have made a swatch but sometimes I am so very lazy that way.  I paid the price for that one, when the hat was almost completed I pulled it apart and started it over decreasing the number of cast on stitches from 80 to 70; with that change there ensued other changes in the pattern as well.  The final product fit well and I found a great vintage button to finish it off.

robin's egg

I attempted a self portrait here, but it doesn't look nearly as nice on me as it does on Miss A. She really wanted to try it on, finally something I knit she likes!!

robin's egg

But alas, it is not for her. I gave the hat to my mum who is always looking for the perfect winter hat to fit her head and keep it warm. She liked it too!


  1. The hat looks awesome! I love the vintage button you chose, super duper cute :)
    I thought about putting a warning on the pattern because I knit on the tight side (hence regular or loose knitters will have big hats) but I'm glad you were able to adjust it easily enough. It looks lovely!

  2. Oh thanks Rachel and thank you for putting the pattern on your site. I loved making it so much that I want to make one for myself (or maybe 2 or 3 in different colors).
    The funny thing is I used to be a really tight knitter. I don't know what happened to change it, but that's how it is now.


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