I left early in the morning for a massage and chiropractic appointment. Ahhh, I love those kinds of starts to a day.  They don't come very often, but when they do they are delightful. After my appointments I came home for breakfast and a brief interlude with my family before heading out the door again. I'm trying to take a wee bit of time away, one day a week, for myself. Time to: not be someone's daughter, not be someone's wife, not be someone's mummy. A time to not be "needed" for a few short hours. It's becoming especially important now that we are spending more of our time indoors.

My recent trek took me to a local yarn store that I like to hang out at when I'm all alone.  When I go, I don't necessarily buy anything. Sometimes I just like to escape and dream about all the wonderful things I would make if only I had more time. It's a dreamy sort of thing for me, one that my hubby would chuckle about (when he dreams it is never has anything to do about sewing or knitting). Well I think I must have been really inspired because I purchased this lovely book called The Mirasol Collection by Jane Ellison.

The Mirasol Collection Book One

Oh my, there are so many delightful projects in this book that I want to do, really that I should do
Like this vest:


or this gorgeous sweater:


What I love most of all is that The Mirasol Project helps to support Peruvian children and their families. It is based on Fairtrade and for me knowing that a portion of every purchase of Mirasol yarn goes directly to the funding of a children's education centre in the Puno region, is especially meaningful, in an area where the illteracy rate is 95 %.  You can learn more about the Mirasol Project by visiting their website here

I was hoping to take a bit of time away to be rejuvenated and I think I was in more ways than one. Have a lovely day today. 

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