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I should have announced somewhere on my blog that my posts are going to be a week's worth of knitting. What is it that they say, 'hindsight is 20/20'. It wasn't my intention to only post about knitting this week, but that is where my interest is taking me of late; 'tis the season'.


So orangey, warm and fall, this yarn is really easy on the eyes to work with. I'm trying to soak this season up for all it's worth and even the weather has been cooperating. There is no snow on the ground and though we have experienced a few flakes here and there, the unusual warmth quickly chases it away. I'm smiling.

peace fleece

Peace Fleece is the name of the wool and you can purchase it here. Shipping to Canada is expensive ($ 15.00) so on the hubby's last weekend trip I got him to find me place to ship it (thank you if you are reading), $ 5.00 is much more reasonable. In the works is a tote and then off to the wash machine for a felting adventure. I'll keep you updated when it is all done. Happy Knitting ;)

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