quiet monday

I am starting a blog post today called "quiet monday".   I basically want to journal our weekend in photograph with minimal print.  Mondays have a air of "back to business", I suppose it is from the Monday to Friday work week.  Sometimes I can get so focused on the week ahead that I forget to reflect on the days that we were all together as a family doing the things we love.  So here's my digital reflection:


brush strokes

brush strokes

finger painting:

finger painting

clothing line of art

too sick to join in:

not feeling so good

feeling better:

Miss A doodling

big brother reads to us:

corner reading


  1. sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy the time with your family. Do you have 2 sets of twins? your boys look very similar in age. Sorry if you get that question all the time.

  2. You are so right. No, the boys are not twins, but they do get asked that question a lot, I think it's the big hair ;)

  3. wow they look so cozy in that last shot!

  4. Yes, they like getting cozy in that corner and thanks for saying cozy and not cluttered ;)


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