it's all a blur

Halloween was a flurry of activity over here at our home.  So busy were we that it has all passed in a blur.
Halloween kids October 28th 2007 c

We had one Snow White, one Belle, and 2 Hogwarts children: Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. I was going to take my camera with me but once we were out the door that became merely a left behind thought. 

This was the girls first year going door to door, the boys have been professional trick or treaters for 4 Halloweens now. I wasn't planning on taking the girls out, really they were just going to hand out candies at the door, but the best plans get laid aside when the wee ones know what they want. Truth be told, I could barely keep up with them.   

This is also our first year of store purchased costumes. Usually we are big on the homemade creations with careful planning and thought going into the prescribed creations. It's a fun process really, usually the boys want to be something I've never heard of. This year however we tried it a bit different. My conclusion: while "buying" was definitely less time consuming, I think I prefer to make my own. It has that whole creative/memory element to it and the kids really love getting involved. Next year I'm sure we will return to our roots. 

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