reflective month

May has become a rather craft-less month for me. I haven't had much studio time as I've been busy, busy, busy; cleaning, organizing, shopping & more shopping, playing outside and celebrating. It's exhausting just typing it out.
To top it all off I ended up clearing an area in my studio/office for a child sized picnic table so the girls could come color their little hearts out while I was in the room.

I had to readjust some of my working space, but in the end I think the room actually flows better and having the girls nearby brings many assurances knowing that crayons are involved.

It always seems that the reorganization of space brings about reflective moments and I've had loads of them this month. Though I've had no mind altering epiphanies as of yet, I'm sure one is on the horizon. In the spirit of reflection I thought I would take a self portrait through a mirror. A bit more of an accurate depiction of self than the last self portrait.

In the next day or so I will be putting up some photos of my studio so stay tuned.


  1. You are beautiful as always!

  2. Your space is lovely! I need to incorporate more kid friendly things in mine because my kiddos love to be in my studio too.
    Very nice self portrait, you're beautiful!

  3. Love the yellow. Love the space. I share mine with the whole entire basement and virtually no natural light. But on a happy note, I think I might buy a super big shelving unit to hold all my stuff.
    I said to Dale, just this morning that I would like to make my own deck funiture cushions JUST so I could walk into a fabric store and spend like $100 + on any fabric I want and smell the smell that a fabric store has. Of course, the making of the cushions may never happen, so if anything I'll just walk into the fabric store anyway and smell the smell and drool over all the bee-utiful fabric and be on my merry way to Walmart or where ever to buy some el cheepo boring easy cushions.


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