at a stand still

This is the continuing saga of why my blog is so quiet these days.  In addition to outdoor living, we have also been house hunting.  Adding the twins to our home has brought not only a phenomenal amount of "stuff", but we are also in the early stages of feeling a little space challenged.   The obvious solution was to start checking out the booming real estate market trend in our city.  Wrong.  Prices are climbing and there doesn't seem to be an end in site.  The sad reality of what you can afford is becoming scarier year to year.  It's not a pretty prospect if you aren't interested in more home renovations.  Don't get me wrong, we aren't reno shy.  We have owned two homes and in both homes we have put a fair amount of muscle & money into the beautification process.  Our current home has by far been the recipient of the largest face lift.  But I'm tired.  I may have even lost my home reno mojo.  I saw a beautiful home yesterday, the bones (read: structure) were wonderful.  It backed onto a creek and so it had no neighbors behind, and only one neighbor on the south side.  It was wonderful.  The lot was larger than a standard city lot, the taxes matched the lot ;)  However, it was sooooo dated.  From the powder blue & rose wall paper to a different shag carpet in every room, it was dated.  Had it been a few years back I would have jumped at the chance to update that beauty.  Now a mum of 4, with homeschooling sons and toddler twin daughters, I get exhausted thinking about when I would have the time to do anything.  *sigh*  Earlier in the day we were much more excited about that home and the possibilities.  After a sobering evening alone getting the kids off to bed I had endless hours to think. 

With my dh now home we sit and the kitchen table and chat about the days events including the home we viewed and I look around at my home thinking: "our place is pretty cozy"..."we have already done so much work"... " with a bit of re-arrangement, we could make it (our home) work a little while longer."    And then we smile at each other...


  1. There is no new little addition on the way, right? Or is there?

  2. No, new little addition. My hands are full right now with the ones I have. Just with homeschooling and the girls getting bigger we feel occasionally squished and are always keeping our eye out for a bit bigger lot with privacy, creeks and all the other lovelies of nature.

  3. I hear ya'! On all of the above! :) Maybe we're just getting old. It's that youthful energy and optimism and vision and .... that gave us that mojo.


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