long weekend

yes, that's what it was.  In fact I can hardly believe it is Wednesday already.  My dh was in MN this past weekend for work and I really am starting to dislike his travelling.  There was a time when I used to love it, but I think the 4 to 1 outnumbering on a 24 hour basis is making it all wear a bit thin.  He has compromised greatly and where possible keeps his trips to 2 days max.  I love him for that. Still his travelling takes it's toll.  The first day of his absence is always the same, you'd think I would catch on and do something about it, but no.  I feel grouchy, I act grouchy and then somehow miraculously I clue in around supper time to what is going on.  I then proceed to have a marvelous evening with the kids and the next day I am back to being "myself".   Poor kids, they even know the routine.  My eldest ds says he knows that "mummy is always a bit grouchy" on the first day of daddy's trips :(  Well hopefully if recognizing you have a problem is half the battle then perhaps this enlightenment is moving me in the right direction.  Either that or we have a "normal" mummy for at least another 30 days or so until the next trip *sigh*

On a happy note I should mention there are always some perks to his travelling.  I usually get him to pick up some items from stores that we don't have here like Ikea.
31332_pe120624_s4_2   28063_pe114621_s4_2

Or lightbulbs that retail in my city for $ 35.00 (plus 13 % tax) but are available in the US for $ 10.00.  I guess that's the difference between being from a country of 300 million versus 30 million.  Cheaper prices.  Anyway, he is home now, mummy is back to normal and strangely enough I did managed to get a fair bit of crafting in over the weekend even with the kidlets, strange very strange.  I be posting about it all over the next few posts. 
In the meantime I'll leave you with my Bob Villa moment.

I dragged out the tools and with drill, hammer, drywall plugs & screws I hung up a cute dragonfly hook set in my studio under the shelves.  Yeah, I know I still have to touch up the area of paint where I filled an old nail hole, but first things first. 

  That's crafting too right?

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