i need to swing

I wonder if I was this determined.  I think my mum would probably say yes.   I admire the "determined" temperament of my daughters, even when it means we are facing a challenging moment.   I hope I continue to feel this way long after their toddler years have passed. 

Miss J yelled at me from outside into the house that she wanted to swing.  I told her she could, but first she would just have to wait until I was finished getting the last bits of my ingredients together so dinner could get into the oven.  She seemed satisfied with that response until I checked on her. 

There she was all contemplative and hard at thought with her apple in one hand while standing on the patio chair that she had dragged half way across the yard.  Determined, she proceeded to get into the swing.   

After seeing the urgency of her need (to swing), I succumbed to her schedule and helped her into the swing. 
Oh and about dinner, well, we ate late. 

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