happy mother's day

I thought I would dedicate this post to my sister Joan who passed away 2 days before Christmas of this past year. 

We went as a family to her church today to support her husband, son and daughter on Mother's Day.  My nephew participated in a dedication to mothers by saying some very intimate and wonderful things about his mum, my sister. 
Part of the reason I started this blog was to tap into the things in my heart, my children, my creative side and so many other elements of what makes me who I am.  I don't want to wait to do certain things until my children grow up, or I have more time.  I'm learning to live today and live each day to it's fullest.  It is not only good for me but for all those around me, especially my children.
My sister wasn't ready to leave her family behind.  I don't think they would hesitate to have just more minute or hour with her.  I think we all feel that way.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful women of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

"No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love."

Edwin H. Chapin 

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