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In keeping with many bloggers out there who seem to be putting up photos of their newly redone studios, I thought I would snap a few since:
a)  I have never actually taken photos of my work space
b) I have recently had to re-organize my area to make room for little people furniture
c) I thought it would be a nice window into my life
This is the shelf that hangs above the wee ones' craft/coloring table. It holds various scrap booking essentials such as pens & scissors as well as some items of sentiment, like the little hat I knit for my first baby girl; and various other items that have made their way into my home over many years. Most importantly it hold the crayons well out of reach from the girls at times of unsupervised investigating. Let's just say that I don't like washing crayon off my walls or furniture a gazillion times a day.

I used to have these two desks facing each other.  It worked for a while but something was always falling off the desk or little hands were helping to pull items down.  That's all okay except many of the items have pins and other unfriendly's attached to them.  I'm digging the L shape, and my dog just loves that he can sleep undisturbed under the table nearby.

Next to the L-shaped sewing centre is my computer station.  Above my monitor is my cork board featuring photos of friends and family.  I like having them all around me, it keeps everyone in my thoughts and nearby.

Another view of the business side of the room.  A place for everything and everything in it's hiding place.

Books, books and more books. 

The beloved closet which holds various items of sentiment and importance on the outside cork board as well as the hoards of fabric and other craft supplies neatly tucked away inside.


Finally I leave you with a glimpse of the three angels which watch over me and inspire me to create & play in my little space. They represent my three daughters. May Hope, Peace and Joy inspire you in your life today as you go about your day.


  1. Thank you for sharing a very special room. One in which the creative juices flow freely and your talent and ability to bless others are manifested. Proverbs 31 is coming to mind! Be blessed, T, for you are a blessing!!!!
    Love ya

  2. I lu-u-u-uv the African paintings on the wall. Also noticed the Harry Potter books on the shelf. ;)
    I've been re-organizing my stuff as well. I do that. Mostly when I'm procrastinating picking up all the stuff that litters my floors/doing laundry/washing dishes (ya know, the boring stuff). So yeah, I'm re-organizing my office/creating space and my house is a sty!


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