babes & birthdays...

Yesterday my youngest son B turned 7 years old. We picked up a little cake at a local bakery to celebrate the day.  The real party will be happening on Saturday. A BBQ, the first of the season with loads of food, fun, family & friends.

A humorous boy
with a zest for all things. 
Your antics bring joy
your heart how it sings.

I love you and need you
Your ways remind me so
Of the heart of child
That is pure as the snow

Happy Birthday dear son,
You are growing each day
From the babe I once knew
To the chid who plays.

Now in all that you do
and all that you say
May you always remember
the love we have today

Happy Birthday Sweet Seven Year Old!

love mumma xoxo


  1. Happy Birthday B!!! Our girls are still talking about the playtime they had with your boys. :) Fun stuff!
    Are you inside 'playing' or working on this rainy day?!

  2. I wish I was inside "playing", instead I spent my day running to get all the various ingredients that I needed to make cakes and for the BBQ. I took the girls with me so I could make all my errands double in time. Now I'm bushed. Nothing a good meal and getting off my feet won't fix, then I'll be all set to make some cakes *yummy*
    Our boys still talk about the playtime too! They don't have any other friends with so much dress up/imagination stuff :) They felt right at home...so did we.


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