I hurt


I was doing some sanding for the world's longest kitchen renovation project. Umm yeah, I'm still working on those cupboard doors and thankfully in the very last stages.  The unfortunate part is all that awkward sanding has put my right trapezius into stress and it pulled my neck out overnight. Could barely move my head when I woke up yesterday...ugh! That's twice for me now in two months, I think my body is trying to tell me something - quit working on renos, right?  (or get back to strength training, but I like the first option better) Anyway, I went to see my chiro and he set me straight again. Right now I'm typing with a cold pack on my shoulder. I'm in lot's of pain and need to take a little break from this space until things settle down. I hurt :(  


I'll be back after the weekend with pics of a the latest birthday boy in our home who turns 10!

PS: big brother who takes time out of his day to imagine with his much younger sisters not only rocks but will make a great future dad.  xxx.


  1. Oh no! I hope you heal quickly!!

  2. thanks Beki...Im still quite sore and the damp weather we are having is not helping  :(

  3. Uck - nothing worse than a pain in the neck - especially when it's coming from the inside! But that boy of yours, playing with his sisters - that is some sweet medicine. Makes my heart sing.

  4. a boy does as he sees...He must have a strong role model!


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