some times all a day needs is chai


And when those days come you search high and low for your ingredients and pray that you remembered to pick up that little nub of ginger on your last grocery shop 'cause chai without ginger is like a summer day without sunshine.  


And since sunshine should be a shared thing... you too can make you own cup of chai.

Chai Tea 

8 cups water

20 cardammon pods 

20 peppercorns 

15 cloves

3 cinnamon sticks 

4-5 slices of ginger root

1-2 tbsp tea

3-4 cups 1% milk 

Boil spices for 30 mins. Add tea - steep for 5 mins. Add milk - reheat to boiling. Strain, add a little honey, and use your mini whipper to froth things up a bit.  

Now, grab a good book, sit outside in the sunshine and sip contentedly. 

chai tea


  1. I've just stumbled upon what I'm going to add to our breakfast this morning! Thanks! i can almost smell it - and it is a miracle - i have all the ingredients!

  2. Mmmmm. that looks lovely.

  3. Im wondering how your chai turned out?

  4. it is really lovely and would be so nice right now with this damp weather.

  5. So I improvised;) I followed your instructions but then steeped in fresh ground coffee instead of tea...and then let it cool and served over ice....it was delicious!


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