I've been holding out on you my peeps and now it is time to spill.  A new babe has joined our household and I am completely ecstatic that I personally didn't have to birth her (technically it wouldn't have been a possibility anyway.)  

a little dog

We got wind of some puppies that were looking for a good home and since we I had been talking nagging the hubby (for the past while) about how sweet it would be to add another puppy to the mix, a little sister for our beloved Spencer, this opportunity was too good to pass up. 

doggie beware

We initially visited the pack when they were 3 weeks old. It was decided that the J-man would accompany us, as he was going to be the one to do the choosing and the naming. He made his decision fairly quickly choosing the lightest girl of the pack. Followed by naming her Lily, oh how I love her name!


best friend for him   for them

Our puppy preparation included lots of reading and familiarizing ourselves with puppy life.  A little puppy proofing, good thing I still have my baby gates and puppy crate.  A few puppy toys to keep her company. Some sewing for that just right sized puppy bed to get us through those early chewing days and yes I confess to making a puppy sized rice bag to similate the warmth of siblings during the lonely night.  

a little bed

Monday we brought her home and have been settling in to life with a new babe puppy in the house.  Lots of excitement and a little less sleep has us all a bit tired but we are completely smitten. Even our resident alpha dog Spencer doesn't seem to mind the little fur ball.  How could he resist? She's that stinkin' cute! 

first day


  1. ohhh have a puppy in home is so excyting!! i love her name too!
    ps. you new banner is so beautiful!

  2. How cute! Dana will want to visit. I've heard many, many pleas for a dog the past weeks!!

  3. She is adorable!!! I just want to cuddle with her.

  4. Congrats on your new baby, she sure looks sweet!

  5. Thanks Wendy...shes adorable and tiring us all out very successfully.

  6. I think you would love her to pieces Marcella...shes soft and oh so fluffy.

  7. Yes, come visit before she gets too big...and I think there was still a puppy or two available ;)

  8. It is crazy excitement here about the puppy, the kids are enjoying her so much.  thank you about the banner :)

  9. I think we will be getting a pom pup in july... kids don't know. My bio dad has a pregnant pomeranian.

  10. Oooo wonderful...the J-man wanted a pomeranian for so long because he thought it was the closest thing that looked like a fox. Hell be excited and will definitely want a viewing.


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