bath bombs

I should have published this post over the weekend but I confess to having a weekend of holiday laziness. I love when holiday time can actually be a holiday.


But of course it wasn't completely all rest and no make, I did pull together some goody bags for a family gathering that we hosted on Friday.  After seeing Linaloo's bath bombs, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I made my first batch based off the tutorial that Linaloo linked to, but they were really just way to greasy for me. Mine didn't even hold together in the mold, so that batch sits in a jar for those days when I really need to soak my feet. Which will be soon now that garden season is right around the corner.  

instead of chocolate

For my second attempt I did a search on the internet looking for bath bombs with the most simplest of ingredients. NotMartha  has a great tutorial with pictures and explanations, I recommend you read through her tutorial for some great hints and know how.  I tweaked the recipe she provided for what my sensitive skin can handle and also for what I had on hand. It is available for download here: bath bomb recipe and also in the side bar.

bath bombs...just as comforting

If you have any questions about the instructions or supplies, shoot away.  Happy Bathing :) 


  1. they look lovely! i haven't made bathbombs in a couple of years - but i recently bought a bunch of citric acid to make some dishwasher det. - so i really should make some bath bombs. In winter, i love adding cocoa butter to them - and then i don't have to moisturize myself down at all after bath time...it is a little greasy though.

  2. That sounds like a great idea (cocoa butter)...is it a liquid version or how do you work it in?


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