hexagon love

I just can't get enough of it.

sneak peak

I've been wanting to try my hand at English paper piecing and I couldn't think of a better place to start than with hexagons.  I'm not alone, I see them popping up all over blogland and flickr, so many little hexagons to be made.

taking shape

Really aside from knitting it is the perfect portable craft.  One little baggie filled with fabric squares, paper hexagons, a needle, thread and you are set.  I can see how nice it'll be to sit outside on a warm summer day sewing hexagons and not missing a second of summer. Ah...that's the way it should be done...sewing and sunshine.

can hexagons be circular?

I used the tutorial from TheSometimesCrafter.  She also has a pdf template for 2 inch hexagons available for download. That size seems just right for me, don't want to start with 1 inch hexagons and completely overwhelm myself.  By the way, I've seen other tutorials where people have trimmed their fabric squares to the shape of hexagons but really this is an unnecessary step and expends a lot of extra time that can be given to hexagon making.  Just cut your fabric squares, fold and sew.  


I'm still unsure what the end product will be.  I was thinking about a pillow cushion or table runner but then again a quilt might be nice.  My kids think I'm making beehive. What ever I end up with, I'll warn you ahead of time making hexagons is addictive.

Happy (Good) Friday, can you believe it April already??


  1. You quilters put me to shame. There's no way I could do this.

  2. Hello- I love how you arrange your colors. hexes are so fun to work with!!! anything that would be nice and pretty~

  3. Impressive! And pretty! I plan on admiring hexagons from afar... I don't need another quilting method to try before getting better at others (or before finishing other projects). :)

  4. Oh .... we are going on a long road trip this summer and I've been looking for things that could keep my hands occupied (like I won't have enough to do keeping 3 kids entertained). This just might be the answer. I could pick up fabric along the way .....
    Would love to make this (http://embers.typepad.com/e/2008/02/this-quilt.html) quilt. What size do you think these hexagons are?

  5. I sewed a few of these a while ago, and I confess I've been thinking of them ever since! Think I'll go with the 2 inch next time - the 1 inch are so sweet, but so tiny to work with.
    Yours are beautiful!

  6. i just bought some english paper hexagons and i want to start it soon!! your fabrics are so beautiful!!! really hard to find...
    april? yeah... sounds crazy!

  7. you will need to show me this close up so I can drool on it... marking it as my territory... gnashes teeth and growls at all other admirers... I love it!

  8. Love your hexes!
    This is my first visit to your blog. I enjoyed it and I appreciate your approach to home educating. I am finishing up with my last child of 9 and my 29th year of 'homeschooling'


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