I can't believe we are already here.  Another son in double digits, my baby boy.  Where did the time go? Ready or not, he is ten and it looks good on him, don't you think?


The B-meister is my (cake &) hockey lover. And oh boy, does that boy love hockey. It almost rivals his addiction love for the Canada goose. I never thought I'd see that happen.  But this one, my second son, he surprises me all the time.

hockey + icing

From the time he rises in the morning until his head rests on the pillow, it's non-stop chatter about the game.  I'm fairly certain he dreams about it. He immerses himself completely, and those around him, in his latest venture.  It's the way he learns and in turn we learn with him.

givin'er his best

It's a gift really, to learn from your children, and I have, learned... So many good and wonderful things.  Happy Birthday B-meister, I'm happy to be on this journey of life with you, xxx.



  1. A decade old already! On the way to growing up! David turned 10, and I started noticing all the ways he was big. And made me appreciate the ways he was not. It still is cool to hug family, and yet is big enough to be a help. Happy Birthday from David and Dana.

  2. it must be hard see the time passing so fast! your little one is pretty handsome! happy belated birthday for him!


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