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What was I thinking when I mentioned last week that I would be continuing the home-education chat as well as a shop update? Hah! and I mean, hah!  It isn't happening.  I was in the land of lala, AKA: wishful thinking.  Since my last post I have been working almost non-stop at my outside-the-home job. I want to make that clear because working outside-the-home non-stop is quite different than working inside-the-home non-stop.  For one thing the wardrobe looks different as does the hair, and generally being at my outside-the-home job means I'm away from my inside-the-home job of kids, computer and blogging.  

The reality check is that I am in the middle of working 8 days out of 11.  I will be finished up after this weekend and then I'll get to those things I mentioned earlier. It's been a little harder this time around than my last crazy work schedule. First off I am missing my kids terribly and I'm sure they must be feeling it too. Thankfully my mum is holding down the fort but still. it's hard. Every once in a while I kid myself into thinking I could do the full time work dance but I think I love being home too much.  It's where my life is.  It's where the kids are. It's where life happens. Everything else (for me) is pretend.  

Last night I cuddled my girlies in our big bed and tears streamed down my face.  It's a good thing these years with young ones and it only takes a few days away for me to appreciate the finite-ness of it.  So if you don't mind, hand tight for this week and I'll be back when I catch my breath.  In the meantime here's a little video clip of my girlies doing their favorite thing...dancing and twirling.  It isn't full length as flickr only host 90 second videos, but enjoy just the same and imagine a spectactular ending, okay?  xxx  

[flickr video=4459391988 secret=78489cf9f2 w=400 h=300]


  1. OH MY GOODNESS - so adorable - did they make that up? Very talented girls! and i love the matching doll dress, and doll addition to the dance!
    yes sometimes when I breath in the fragrance of one of my children's necks - i think how brief is this time and my heart almost hurts. I was a at a Kindergarten classroom yesterday doing some choreography - and I came home SO grateful that mine were with me for those 7 hours a day - 5 days a week!

  2. Yup, that dance is 100 % their own creation.  I was only the videographer.  They love doing their thing, add new dresses that twirl (courtesy of my niece) and it only provides more motivation. 
    Oh yes, it does hurt the mumma heart when you think of short our time with them is.  I cant believe my first wee babe is now 12...yikes! 
    where were you doing choreography? sounds like a great experience for those kids.

  3. Office life isn't only pretend, it's a waste. Seriously. There are so many pleasant things in life, why don't offices involve ANY of them?
    (watching the clock so she can go home)

  4. Any chance you could incorporate some quilt love on your walls?  at least that way you can have something nice to look at along side the clock. I'm clock watching right now as we speak.  That and drinking tea and playing with hexagons :)

  5. sweetness. I am in serious lack of twirly dresses around here. If that quilt from post past doesn't show up here. I am putting in a delivery order for Tami Jo sized twirly dress. Love you, Miss you.

  6. and their partnering skills are so in synch... must be a twin thing. beautiful Choreography. *clap clap clap*

  7. Your post was very touching...and your precious little girls, so sweet! Kate wants to know how they got to be "such good dancers". :)

  8. Thanks Marcella, I sure wish there was an easier way to balance the need to be away and be with children...it always so clear to me but this time I was having a moment of clarity.  The girls are little choreographers in the making.


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