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I want to introduce you to my new baby. his name is mac.


I picked him up at the store on Friday after a long window shopping affair. I've been patiently waiting for just the right time and then a new work contract deemed it necessary to take the plunge... but now I'm all sheepish about the learning curve.  Please all you mac owners, tell me (only) good things and that I will get the hang of it because so far my printer won't work even after updating my driver; mac refuses to acknowledge my camera connection so uploading photos isn't happening right now and I'm still trying to navigate my way through the pretty icons. Is it normal to feel a wee bit sad about moving on?? *sniffle*


  1. You and my husband! Traitors! Well, he loves his. It's almost bigger than our tv. Actually it's the SAME SIZE. Anyway, he's edited a ton of family videos lately so it's getting good use. And yes, it's pretty. But, as my daughter loves to point out, I have an old brain and have trouble adopting to new technology (heck, my first computer was an Apple SE) so I'm still very fond of my funky pc.

  2. I have a mac at home and love it. I was indifferent to it for the first month or two and really didn't understand what the hype was about. Now after 3 years of having it NEVER crash NEVER lag NEVER bluescreen or freeze on me, I notice a difference. It's more stable, more reliable and lots of things like photo editing are easier. I'm perplexed why your camera stuff doesn't load up. All I did when I got a new camera (different brand too) was plug in the usb cord, plug in the camera and it immediately recognized it and uploaded photos to iphoto.
    Don't give up...you'll love it once you get to know it better!

  3. Congrats on the new mac! Not sure about your camera problems. Only thing I can think of, are you shooting in RAW or JPG? If RAW, then that might be the problem. If JPG, then I don't know what to tell you... Plug in the camera to the computer with USB cable, then turn on your camera and iPhoto should start up by bobbing up and down. From their you'll select which photos to import.
    I love iPhoto for organizing all of my pics. It automatically breaks them into *events* and you can tell iPhoto what qualifies as an event (you can adjust your events settings w/in iPhoto). I think the events make it super easy to go back and find photos. I even think the version you have breaks the pics down by who is in them (somehow it can recognize faces).
    Anyway, don't get too frustrated early on. There is a learning curve (I've been working with macs since 1992 and have owned a mac since 1998), but you'll get used to the new way of doing things. :) Congrats again!

  4. Right there with you! I got my new MacBook about two weeks ago, and I'm still adjusting too. I *love* it - especially the graphics, ability to multi-task, and the photo storage and editing. But tell me - what exactly is the "Time Machine?" and does it work anything like Star Trek or other classic sci fi? And don't accidently hit Photo Booth early in the morning - our first morning together I screeched in fright when that thing showed me myself!
    Not a blogger yet, but this is part of my plan to get there! (The Mac part, not the screeching in fright part...)

  5. oh... that's the next mac i want. tam, you'll LOVE it. it took me a week to figure stuff out ( i was all whiny at first because i don't like change) and now i can't imagine using a pc. ;)

  6. Simone, 
    Ive heard the whole video aspect of the mac is fantastic so I think my hubby is looking forward to that side of things.  But we may have to get another mac if he starts to dominate it, lol.  I admit I feel a bit intimidated by the whole learning curve, Ive been working with a pc for 13 years and my last one was a gem up until the blue screen of death showed up a month ago  - ugh! but still there will be some missing :(

  7. You are speaking words of comfort to me when you say that your mac has never lagged.  About a month or so ago I saw the blue screen of death and since last summer my pc has been so very  s l o w . 
    So far the photo upload issue has been rectified but USB uploading is way slower than card uploading so I am going to buy a media reader to speed things up.  iPhoto is making me crazy because it doesnt link as well to photoshop so I am bypassing it right now. 
    The printer still wont print even after updating my drivers so we just might have to get another  - that part may be better for the kids as they are always needing to print something.  
     Ill keep plugging away at it.  Im determined and stubborn...my hubby can attest ;)

  8. yes, im hoping to start feeling the luck ;)

  9. I LOVE my imac! For me, it was much easier to navigate around! I know more about imac than a pc (which I had for all of my life).
    "I tried imac and I ain't NEVER going back!!!!"
    I hope you work all the kinks! Congrats on your new baby!

  10. Try going to the preferences menu in iPhoto. I think you can select that your iPhoto pictures will open in photoshop.
    Not all macs are fantastic. We've been mac lovers for the last 10 years. But our last one was a lemon. We got a new one when it was lagging ... so slow, and freezing up all the time. They're not perfect. :)

  11. Hi Lucia, 
    Before I reply, congrats on the baby...she looks beautiful!  oh and I love all the snow photos ;) 
    As for the camera difficulties, it is uploading, just taking a really long time with the USB connection.  I plan on purchasing a media reader which will take my photo card directly, that should take care of the speed issue.  As for iPhoto, Im not toally loving it yet.  I think because I like to work in photoshop, I still have to figure out how to merge the two programs without losing my saved work.  Yes the version I have breaks down the photos into faces but thats a whole other learning curve. 
    Ill certainly stick it out and am just in the middle of some growing pains. As I write this post, things are already getting better :)

  12. Hi Andrea, 
    Yay for getting a macbook..and that is too funny about your photo booth experience.  My kids are digging that feature of my mac.  
    As far I understand, the time machine is an application that backs up your hard drive to an existing external hard drive if you have one.  But be warned, I think time machine wants to erase and format your external hard drive during the first use so if you have sensitive backups that you dont want to lose then you should make arrangements for them.  I wont be doing anything with it until I can read up on it some more.
    looking forward to your blog when you get it started.

  13. Jen, 
    Oh so good to hear... you no likey the macbook anymore?

  14. thats what I hear, once you go mac, you never go back...  thanks for the encouragement Happy Finds :)

  15. Hey Monica, 
    I did set my preferences to edit with photoshop, the difficulty I am having is when I save my edited photo I cant seem to find the path to where it is saved.  *sigh* To bypass I am using saved as in a desktop file.  At least that way I can find the darn picture after. 
    A lemon?? I didnt think mac could ever fail. Was it a lemon from the start??

  16. Hey Tamara, congrats! Paula and I switched to using macs at home about 4 years ago. I've found they're not without hiccups, but on the whole they're much more stable and usable computers. Almost everyone I know thats switched has gone through that sometimes stressful transition period, but almost universally they're much happier with their computer when they come out the other end (and very few of them ever look back) :)
    I've actually blogged at length about my experience over the years if you're curious:


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