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I've been getting a few emails lately about homeschooling, from the how-does-my-day-look to curriculums to socialization issues.  I thought maybe a segment on homeschooling would be helpful for those that are interested.  But before I jump in, I want you to know that I am no expert and neither should I be perceived as one in this arena.  I do what works for my family right now and I am fluid to change.  This segment should also not be perceived as a negative to those that choose to send your children to school.  We all love and want our children to succeed and so we do what we have grace to do in our individual circumstances. 


According our provincial government you can choose one of three ways to educate your child:

  1. public funded school

  2. private school or

  3. home-education. 

The third option, home-education, breaks down into three learning style options:

  • ISO - Independent Study Options which entails distance learning course materials for grades 8-12. 

  • Christian based materials (eg: Abeka, Sonlight, etc) that you purchase independently

  • Child Centered learning using print and non-print materials from a variety of sources, life experiences, etc.

All three options listed above are a personal preference and costs are the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian.  There is no funding for homeschooling in our province and so you are responsible to pay your local school taxes even though you do not avail yourself of those services.  

my babies - so big now

For our family we chose child centered learning.  We embrace use of both printed and non-printed materials.  Because our geographic location is so affected by seasons I
keep most of the printed material study to the winter months when our
days inside are longer.  We use printed materials mainly to reinforce basic concepts but overall I favor the approach of unschooling and find it most suitable to family life and the instinctive needs of (my) children. Once the warmer days hit we abandon the books for an unschooling life at it's finest as we head outdoors to explore the world.  This is my personal favorite time of homeschooling, long walks, talks about life and individual interest studies. 

How about we stop there for today and continue on with what a typical day looks like in our next segment. 


  1. yay! must be the season as I have also been asked about our process recently. I am sending them this way...

  2. i can't wait to hear more!

  3. Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing

  4. thank-YOU...i'm in that season where A LOT of "well meaning" folk think we need to hear their opinion on homeschooling, as if we made the decision half hazardly.

  5. Great!  I hope they find some information useful.  Maybe you should pre-warn them that Im no super home-schooler ;)

  6. thanks Sarah :)  You are a home-educator as well arent you?

  7. Patty-Jean, I remember people giving their thoughts in our early days but now I think they are used to the idea of us home-educating.  Maybe the well meaning opinions will settle down after a while.


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