how sweet is that?

I arrived home yesterday to find out that a new hot water tank had been installed. yipee er, not quite, the repair guy left the bill behind... and now I am a thousand + dollars lighter.  *sigh* must we replace everything is this house??  

Such is life but we aren't going to dwell on it, instead let's talk finished quilts. I was able to get a few shots outside before the wind arrived. 

mod i fied

My original inspiration was all the beautiful bento box quilts out there but I wanted to modify mine since a) I didn't have the pattern and b) I discover this nifty tutorial over at Film in the Fridge. Other than adding my own measurements I made mine pretty much the same way.

modified bento box

The quilt measures 55" x  45", each block is supposed to be 12" (finished) but I always seem to lose a little on the seam allowances and then of course one has to make sure things are squared up...well let's just say I have some things to work on ;)

polka dots

I went with a green backing and pieced it with strips of fabric from the front to make up the width. I lucked out and found this great polka-dot fabric to use for the binding at my LQS. For a while there I didn't think I was going to find anything suitable and ordering online wasn't an option because of color matching issues.

those darn trees

Taking photos on a sunny day is beautiful but terribly difficult for shadows.  You can see tree shadows all over the back, but I kind of liked it.  For a different effect I tried shooting into the sun. It gave the quilt that stained glass aura, if only I could cover my windows all year round with stained glass quilt.

stain glass back

Next up for this quilt is a twirl in the washing machine and then it will be mailed off to join it's new owner. I hope she loves it as much as I enjoyed making it. I'll have to keep her identity a secret until she receives it...I love surprises.

stain glass front

I'll be at work for a few days over the next week but am planning a little shop update and also another home education post, so stay tuned.  Happy Friday, xxx.


  1. that quilt is fantastic! well done! ouch for that bog bill :(!!!

  2. .... and the polka dots binding looks so pretty!!!

  3. What a beautiful quilt - I would love to try this pattern too.

  4. you...inspire me!

  5. Beautiful quilt. Gorgeous colors!!! What a happy surprise. :)

  6. Oh my goodness -- it's stunning. absolutely stunning. thank you for sharing!

  7. thank you rosamaria and yes, Im still reeling over the big bill.

  8. Hi Danielle, 
    You should give it a try.  I think it is much easier than the current project you are working on.

  9. thank you Wendie I can say the same to you :)

  10. Thanks Annie for your comment and for stopping by.

  11. and we all hold our breath and cross our fingers and wait for the post man... sigh.


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