I've got the fever...

for going out!  

miss a

I love how spring makes me feel so alive, like an end has come to the hibernation.  This weekend the hubby and I survived a spontaneous social schedule uncharacteristic of ourselves, it was non-stop and included:

rotten ronnies

  • two 3D movies without kids: avatar and alice in wonderland; 

  • a coffee evening with another couple; 

  • a lunch for the whole family with friends we haven't seen in almost 2 years - it was like no time had passed;

  • a trip to mcdonalds for me & the kids - a place i haven't been to in 4 + years - to have lunch with a friend & her two children (I survived a cheeseburger)

  • a very excited goose sighting - first of the season

If that weren't enough, I ran out this afternoon to have another coffee time with a fellow homeschooling mum - kids included.  

Laundry is piling sky high, my house is a wreck and I'm exhausted, but boy did we have fun.  It must be spring!

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