the last of "sometimes"

...literally.  Not only are these the last of my photos of our visit to LFG - which have nothing to do with this post really - it feels as though the long summer days have finally come to an end.  The night sky is arriving earlier than usual, the geese are gathering, even regular programming is beginning.  Thank goodness for that schedule because my brain is already in overload mode trying desperately to keep up with the new demands that have arrived with fall.  Everything is pointing to a shift, if you will, in life and seasons and I'm trying to do my part. 


I know things have been dreadfully quiet around here the past couple of weeks; and while much of our time was spent enjoying the last days of summer, the rest was dedicated to the de-cluttering that never took place before our move last year.  A whole section of our garage was filled to the brim with toys and baby paraphernalia just waiting for a yard/garage sale, shocking isn't it?  After 3 attempts, foiled by rain, I am happy to report a most successful sale took place two weekends ago.  The entire proceeds of the sale, $ 500+  went to the kids for some techie stuff that they've been patiently waiting for.  As for the rest of the items, they were immediately loaded into the van and taken to the local charity we support.  Ahh, it feels good to see that corner of the garage. 

the dining room

The other thing that I was (painfully) working on, was the remainder of the kids baby clothing.  Whilst a good portion of the boys clothing was given away to family, I was finally able to start on some of the girls' items destined for our local family of multiples garage sale which took place this past Saturday. During the sorting as I pulled out item after item, it became increasingly clear how fast time has gone by and how big my "babies" are now   It was also surprising to see how attached I would be to a few particular items of clothing.  I mean it's not like the clothing are my children, but still, it's that they spent time in those items and now that time is gone. sniffle.

lady of the manor

At the heart of my mixed emotions is knowing that as I let all these "things" go, it is an indication that I probably won't be having anymore children.  Yes, I'm one of those confused sorts that most days wishes she had a sweet baby to hold and cuddle, but at the same time I feel that my hobby filled, homeschooling lifestyle with four kids keeps me busy enough, too busy to add another wee one (or two - could be twins again, right?) to our clan... *sigh*   

blacksmith   refined

Not all seasonal changes are meant to be easy, I know that much.  But like I said earlier, I'm trying to do my part, even if, I may or may not be guilty of keeping a few special items - babies first walking shoes and first picture outfits - that
will remain locked away for me to treasure...forever.   You can hardly blame me right? 

All for now...xxx.  I hope your Monday is lovely and the season is gentle to you. 


  1. Hi there! I was wondering where the pix were taken? Cheers, Julie

  2. I felt the same way too when I cleared out all those little wee outfits. Life has a way of moving along. I've been feeling sad about the loss of the baby days lately too.
    Just think of how happy the kids will be when they are all grown up to receive something from their babyhood you had tucked away. Recently I was given a little pink dress I wore for my baby picture, and I was tickled pink!

  3. I am sure I will shed some tears when I am in your shoes...
    The pictures are LOVELY! I adore the top picture of the bedroom - I thought at first it was right out of a House and Home magazine - some loft studio apt somewhere - and what a find knitting swift!

  4. I have to admit I am keeping a few of my children's baby outfits/shoes, etc. I just can't let them go. But, boy does it feel good to purge the rest of it. We are not having anymore either - while I would love to snuggle a baby I know another pregnancy would be too much for me.

  5. Hi Julie,
    The pictures were taken at Lower Fort Garry, a historical site in Manitoba, Canada.

  6. Karen,
    I guess the baby love never goes away for a mumma does it? I hope that is how the kids will react instead of rolling their eyes at me ;) I'll have to give it to them when they are in their late 30's...they will probably appreciate it better when they are more mature.
    That is wonderful that you have a momentum of your younger years.

  7. Patty-jean,
    LFG is a great place to take photos!

  8. Rose,
    I completely agree it is so good to purge, I guess we will both have to be content snuggling other people's babies.

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