He rocked my world back in May when he decided that he was going to put a garden in.  After the past year of renovations, I didn't even think that would be a priority on our list of things to do, in my mind eveyone should be in their respective bedrooms before you begin working on the outside. 

muscle man

But he had a different idea.  He wanted to start our life in this house the right way and that meant a vegetable garden.  So he muscled up that day and built me three 4 x 12 foot gardens, which in his plan will be the first of many.  That he even wanted to build it meant he stole my heart, but then he went on and used those "love" words like: "plan" and "sustainability".  He just keeps giving me more and more reasons to love him. 

sod rolls

The planting was a family affair with the kids, my mum and I planting seeds and starter plants; being
hopeful in the process that the seeds would do their part.  Each week the
kids checked faithfully for growth and gave me the report.  A
flower here and a flower there meant veggies were coming
soon.    It was a slow start but to our surprise and delight we found some real growth happening.  I say surprise because truthfully it wasn't a great growing season in these parts.  Our spring & summer were extremely late and filled with unseasonably cool, wet days. That kind of weather makes vegetable gardening a real challenge. 


Finally this week it was time to harvest a few of our growing goodies and give them a try.  We started with our largest cucumber, a bright red pepper and tomato.  They were cut up for lunch and added to a plate of poached eggs - fresh from the farm, thank you mum - and organic carrots from the market (the rabbit ate our garden carrots and broccoli - note to self: put fencing around garden next year) . 

fresh from the garden

The chatter around the table was something along the lines of how much better the vegetables tasted from our own garden.  It was sustainability at it's finest.

sustainable lunch

I am just thrilled that they were excited about eating vegetables!  


  1. very smart, healthy and save money idea! plus all of you have more activities together! now, your vegetables looks sooo tasty! lucky you!

  2. Marigolds have kept rabbits away from our garden this year. It's lovely.

  3. Home grown vegetables really are the BEST! I really enjoy our fresh tomatoes, carrots, etc.

  4. sigh, my garden sucks!

  5. RosaMaria,
    Gardening is so much more fun when the kids are involved plus it taught them so much in practical terms about plant life and cycles. It makes homeschooling so much easier when they kids can have hands on experience themselves.

  6. Anna,
    I really should have done that....but on the flip side, the bunnies are fed and happy.

  7. Rose,
    nothing beats fresh garden veggies. I wish we could grow stuff all year round.

  8. TamiJo,
    Oh no! See, you really were meant to live in the country where your veggie crop can have days filled with sunshine. Soon, very soon. :)

  9. ditto! oh wait - I don't have a garden - my landlord has not given us permission - but one find day, we will also live in the country....and have a garden.

  10. My mouth is watering! How satisfying is that! Little steps towards living more sustainable lives - very satisfying.
    My mother lives in an urban area, but near the river, raccoons ravaged her corn and carrots this year. My mother-in-law on the other hand (they live VERY RURAL), has a 10 foot fence around their garden, orchard and berries. Keeping out the deer, bears and other such interested folk.

  11. Yes, I love being sustainable, even if it is just a little bit at a time.
    Oh that is terrible what the raccoons did to your mum's garden. Grrrr.... We have been thinking about the type of fence options for the same issue as we have seen the odd raccoon in our yard. I wouldn't want to be in the same situation as your mum next year.


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