It was all manner of sweetness earlier in the month. A chocolate lovers paradise featuring five desserts for five years.   Two chocolate cakes, one with white icing and one with chocolate icing, 2 fruit flans filled to the brim with fruity goodness, plus a little extra on the side and for the finale, a fallen chocolate mousse cake dusted with icing sugar and more berries.  Yum!  If that isn't crafting at it's finest then I don't know what is!  It also explains why my sewing machine sits idly by.  Soon my sweet swede, very soon.


As for my girlies, I can't believe we are here already.  Five.  From nursing babes just a couple years ago who spent every moment under foot, they have grown into independent little people who are branching out a little more each day.

let them eat cake

Yes indeed, five is here to stay and I don't mind really, because there are still many moments filled with mumma cuddles and love...when they need it 
I need it.


  1. Look at you using the print on your photo feature! cool.
    I think we might need to have a dessert potluck soon. I once was involved in a very cool cookie swap at christmas where we rented a school kitchen lab and all baked our goods together, then swapped them out at the end of a very fun evening. I have been day dreaming who I might know with access to a high school kitchen. hmmm.

  2. Yes, my coolness overwhelms me at times ;) lol.
    The dessert swap sounds like so much fun!! Any ideas on a high school yet?


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