Lower Fort Garry

Sometimes the best breaks are the unexpected ones.  The kind you don't plan but life plans for you by whisking you away into the happenings of each day.  That's where I am these days.  In the moment, with the kids and with our friends.  We've been busy doing it all, beaching, walking, talking, biking, playing, visiting and all those activities that make summer, so easy, a season.  While I know it can't last forever, we are doing our best to stretch it out before the hussle & bussle takes so many of our dear friends away into their own schedules. 


Yesterday one of our outings took us to Lower Fort Garry, a historical site dedicated to the oldest intact stone fur trading post in North America where costumed interpreters bring the stories to life.   It's like walking onto the set of Little House on the Prairie.

the fur shack

The furs stored in the attic were a sight to behold, made me momentarily wonder if PETA knows this place exists. 


teepee sadness

And while Miss A was definitely unhappy to see the Buffalo skin on the floor of the teepee, no doubt practicing for her future PETA position, I was most happy seeing that the general store was stocked full of fabric.  Gave me a little hope that perhaps I could have survived those times.

general store

Stayed tuned for more photoblogging posts of our visit to Lower Fort Garry.


  1. I so remember Lower Fort Garry!!! I even applied to work there one summer! I have to make sure to take the boys there next time we are in town. Do they still have demonstrations on making soap and candles? Great pictures.

  2. I LOVE Lower Fort Garry! love the photo of all the fabric! My brother use to hide behind the furs hanging on the wall and jump out and scare unexpecting strangers.

  3. I also had a PETA moment this weekend when my dog got into my father-in-laws pelts in the porch... how were we to know there was a stash of fox, raccoon and various other dead animals stored in there!!!! Lenny found them. oops.

  4. Pam,
    I think they still do demonstrations but not on the days we were there. Did you end up working there?

  5. Patty-jean,
    My kids tried the same thing to me ;)

  6. Tami Jo,
    I'm afraid to ask but are you and your FIL on speaking terms? and did Lenny survive?


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