The end of summer is here and the official chill of fall has set in.  Upon waking today I found myself reaching for yoga pants and long sleeves, brrr.  I adore fall, really I do.  It's filled with colors and a constant rhythm that our family hasn't experienced in a long while.  Programs have started and I find myself mindful of the year ahead.

peak a boo

At times I feel as though my thoughts are keeping me from the creative things I want to do.  You see this year I am seeking a bit more balance than I have maintained in the past.  In particular the hubby and I have taken the plunge into the fitness arena, together.  Both of us were quite active as single people, he played soccer and I played volleyball and ran track.  Right through my first pregnancy I played as much sport as possible until things got uncomfortable but that was 1996 and this 2009, 13 years, 5 babies later and most of my physical exercise has consisted of chasing after the kidlets all day and long walks. 


This year we decided it was time to incorporate exercise back into our schedule and prioritize our own health.  And I'm not just talking about "doing your time", I want to go back to the things I loved pre-children and live the active life I used to.  All that means change, big change.  For me it means turning off the computer, putting the fabric/knitting down, putting on the runners and stuff and heading out the door.   At least until I learn how to knit on roller blades ;)

summers end.....hopreaching

The hubby and I are spending every day doing something active and every other day we do resistance training.  Guess what?  I'm sore.  Everyday something new aches, but I love it.  Things are waking up in me that have been dormant for so long and I love each and every sore muscle.   I've been running more, swimming, and yes even roller blading - it was a little scary getting back up on the blades after a 6 year hiatus - but it all came back to me.  When we aren't out pounding the pavement we gather at the Y for everything else.  I love that place.  It has everything we need under one roof.


To make sure we were heading in the right direction I hired a personal trainer to kick our butts in gear keep us accountable.  Hiring him has been a real help for both of us as we figure out long term goals and work toward an active life that is sustainable.  I'm not looking for a quick fix here I'm looking to live a long healthy life and that starts with choices.  I know statistically I am responsible for 70 % of my physical health by the time I reach age 50.  I am also immensely aware that the four little people I interact with on a daily basis need to see me living it, for their own future sake.


While I order my priorities I start to think about this little place in blog land that I have.  Will I continue with it?  What place will it take in the future.  When I think about giving it all up I get a little sad.  This place has become a pictorial journal for me.  It contains not only images of the things I make but also of the events and moments in our life that I want to remember.  From sewing, knitting, gardening, playing, partying, and pretty much anything else that occupies my time and thoughts.  I don't want to let it go in favor of a more active life style.  Instead I want to evolve, as I must, move things around a bit, so I can fit it all in.  And while this blog is only a glimpse into my life I do hope you will continue along the journey with me as I learn to balance each day, one step at a time.



  1. i love this post! it really speaks to me.

  2. I hope you find that balance. This year I have been trying to be a couple again with hubby, going on dates listening to music, just enjoying each others company.
    It's so hard to find a balance once you become a mother but at least we are aware that we need to achieve it.

  3. I can relate to so much of this post... I struggle with getting any physical activity into my life with having 2 young children even though I need it so badly for my well-being. Thanks for the inspiration along the way.

  4. Krommama,
    I'm glad I am not alone on this journey of balance both in real time with my hubby/family and with fellow bloggers. I hope you find balance in your days too!

  5. Imene,
    I love that you and your hubby are working hard at being a couple again. I'm sure many couple will agree that time with their spouse is often the first casualty of having children...or maybe it's the second because in those early baby days self grooming (the leisure shower, make up, etc) often get pushed aside for the quick shower and hair comb, LOL.
    But seriously, I agree it can be so dreadfully difficult to achieve balance when one has little ones. I really want to find my way back to it and bring my family along!
    Enjoy your time with your hubby.

  6. Hi Rose,
    Yes, having two young children is very challenging when it comes to getting any physical activity. I know when my boys were young it was so very difficult to get out, not to mention my motivation was always lowest during the winter...brrr... It helps now that my hubby is on board with me and we are working at it together. I think maybe real changes only take place when you can share them with someone, i.e. a friend, a spouse, etc. That way when the motivation is low, you have someone to help inspire you.
    You are definitely not alone in your struggles :)


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