For birthdays in our home I like to have at least one handmade addition to the "purchased" gift that we give the birthday child.  Since the youngests of our crew, the girls, are avid artists in the making it seemed only common sense to support and encourage their creative gifts with a special little package all their own.  In the past I've made the coloring rolls and totes for such an occasion but as with creativity, I like to mix things up a bit and change the design now and then. 

inside: supplies

Introducing the latest in the line of "art on the go".  Made with Heather Ross fabric, which I adore, each girl received her own all in one art kit complete with doodle pad and crayons.  There are extra spots for pencils and a pocket just above the crayons to allow for additional creative items.  We are big fans of the Peaceable Kingdom sticker/scene activity kits and usually tuck one in the pocket when we are heading out the door.  The local store I pick them up at is Toad Hall Toys, which carries a large selection including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, you can bet I'll be visiting there again

inside: all you need on the go

The entire art-easy tote folds and shuts simply by inserting the long strap handle through the metal loop, easy-peasy for little hands. Makes for a quick set up and clean up.  The girls are over the moon with their new art-easy totes and to keep things extra special, and simple, is their own appliqued initial which aids the homeschooling effort in terms of letter recognition.  Personal and practical, just the way I like it. 

art-easy totes

Have a happy weekend everyone filled with warm fall days and endless family fun!  xxx. 


  1. So Sweet! Selah was excited to see pictures of 2 of the girls in her dance class! sadly we'll miss this week of class...I'm always asking - "so what did you do?", "I dunno"...she does enjoy talking about some 'bacon' arm exercise. Perhaps with your two you can get more out of them, as to what they are doing/dancing - 2 memories and what not!

  2. Soooooo great!! Love the garden and these totes.
    I recently joined a 'sewing circle' and am LOVING it!!! It's just 4 friends who get together to sew. Two know a lot and two of us don't know anything (me!!!), but I'm learning.
    Sooooooooo ... with the sewing, I have a question for you. Where do you buy your fabric? And why do you buy it where you buy it? Price? Quality? What?
    Your girls are gorgeous, btw!!!! I can't believe how grown up they're starting to look.

  3. I just saw something very similar that you can make that attaches to your table to free up some space. very cool!

  4. I love these! I would love to have a pattern or tutorial to make them

  5. How Cute!!! My little almost 2 year old needs something like this to take to church. Love the closure idea.

  6. Hi Monica...I'll answer this in two replies since typepad comments are word limited
    Getting back to finally....I love the idea of a sewing circle. It is so much fun to get together with friends and be creative. It' s good motivator too! As for your question about fabric...I tend to purchase my fabric online for a few reasons:
    1. It' s much easier to peruse the internet than shop in an actual fabric store.
    2. Most local quilt stores may (or may not) stock the same fabric as online but it almost always 2-3X the price I pay online.
    3. I usually buy high end quilters cotton not readily available in our city.
    Some of my favorite designers are kaffe fassett, denyse schmidt, american jane (sandy klop) and I love, love, love japanese linen or linen/cotton prints. They usually have some quant little fairy tale characters on them.
    Generally the cost of fabric is around $8-9 USD per yard. Most places put out coupons or offers throughout the year if you are on their mailing list.

  7. As for actual online fabric stores, I've shopped a few that I'll list here off the top of my head:
    Ebay or Etsy.com would be good for htf items. I've ordered from etsy seller downshadowlane and have always been happy with her stuff.
    Hope that helps you and have tons of fun sewing :)

  8. Imene,
    That would be a lovely idea wouldn't it, hmmm... ;)

  9. Jody,
    It would be just perfect for church. Hmmm...you gals are making think a tutorial might be order. :)


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