weekend scenes

It's the long weekend for us and yesterday we made our way to an old park that was new to us.  It was filled with great spaces to hide in and explore.  Why we didn't make our way sooner to this park is beyond me but I'm so glad we finally discovered it. 






I'm looking forward to returning again and again.  Happy Monday!  xxx


  1. great photos!!!! looks the kids was really fun! thanks for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful time, and a beautiful family!!

  3. Looks fun! We're (okay, mostly Dale) is renovating our kitchen/dining, including his own kitchen insulation. Soooooo that means that I get the kids out of the house. Otherwise we all hate each other. So I'd love to know where you guys went .... I'm thinking a day of hopping around in the city would be fun!

  4. Monica,
    Oh I feel for ya with the kitchen renovation. Last year when we moved into this house I didn't have a kitchen for 2 months. Paul was on his 80 hour summer work week so it took extra long. Getting out of the house is a very good idea...if for no other reason then to save the children from the nasty words that come out of one's mouth when doing home renos....not that Dale would have that problem. ;)
    Okay, so the place is Harborview/Kilcona. Paul has taken the kids to the playstructure there in the past but he said this one was new. If you decide to go, let me know the day and I can meet up with you.

  5. yes, the kids did have a good time and so did we. I love warm sunny days outside.


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