It's that time again when my mind is busy planning ahead for the
school year.  Part of it involves deciding what the kids will be
studying as well as keeping track of their extra-curricular
activities.  I'm not sure how you manage to keep yourself
organized but I need to see the schedule in front of me, on a regular
basis, or I start to forget commitments.  As a homeschooling family much of what we do is together, yet there are still those individual activities that draw us away according to
our own interests/hobbies.  From music lessons to dance, to movie
making and soccer, the interests are as varied as the personalities.
For this mumma it can get difficult to keep track of everything.

schedule weekly

Enter the calendar: I used to write the weekly comings and goings on a
monthly calendar but that can get pretty labor intensive when you are
repeating the same activities.  I've wizened up with age
and created a "weekly activities" schedule for our solid routines (I'll
keep the calendar writing to the irregular events like dentist/doctor
appointments.)  The schedule will eventually be kept on the fridge where everyone can view it, but for now it is on my desk getting filled up with activities to keep this crew happy during the long winter months.   I've made it available for download in case you
need a little help remembering your weekly activities.  Enjoy!

PS, stay tuned for a giveawy this week fo a back to school theme.  Happy Tuesday, xxx


  1. Don't even mention this end of year planning period... We are gping home from our summer house next Monday and I'll start organising, and buying books, pencils, clothes, the full works.
    Do you teach all of your children alone or does your husband participate in it too? How do you do it for the different ages? I cannot imagine a day in the life of a homeschooling family, but would love to read about it, if you happen to have some time and write about it.

  2. NICE -thanks for the download! don't forget to pencil in time for mumma on that schedule... monday night mud slinging!

  3. Kristina,
    I admit this time of year makes me anxious only because I'm trying to remember all the details for the coming year and things that need to immediately be taken care of like registrations for programs,etc....thus the schedule.
    In an ideal world my husband would help me teach them (and I would sew) but the reality is he is often too busy with work and the end of day is not a good time to start teaching, everyone is far too hungry and tired. If there is something he wants to teach, he does it on the weekends otherwise the brunt of the education falls to me.
    Up until this time we have been fairly strong about following the kids interests but this year with one of my sons entering grade 7 I will probably get a bit a more structured to make sure he is getting the extent of the work he needs. It does help that he has an incredible sense of self-discipline.
    The fall might be a good time to come up with a post on our homeschooling day.

  4. Tami Jo,
    yes, I have since penciled in that time. good thing you mentioned it because I had the boys tentatively booked for Tai kwon do that night...that would have been a scheduling disaster.


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