summer, oh summer

Where for art thou summer?

Sometimes you just need to post inspiring pictures if for no other reason than to remind yourself what summer is supposed to look like.


hanging on

going pro


We are on day 6 (or 7) of straight rain here on the prairies.  It's strange I tell ya, very strange.  I'd take a leech over this rain any day.


Many, many thanks to 3trikes for inviting us to the lake, we had a fabulous day with you and your family.  I hope it warms up so we can have another water adventure day.  xxx

ps...the giveaway is still coming :)  


  1. beach post response over at 3trikes.... also looking forward to more sunny water days with you!

  2. That looks of loads of fun-paddle-boating is the best!

  3. Gee, thank you so very much for the picture of a leech to creep me out for the rest of the day. :<)

  4. Yes, let's hope we get at least a few more sunny warm days. Thank Tamijo, we had a lot of fun and tell your dad "thanks"

  5. Hi Jessica,
    We did have so much fun with the paddle boat and it was so relaxing to
    get out of town for the day. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Nan,
    Leeches are very helpful creatures you know ;) but I agree, they are so very creepy.


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