I did it for love

But I have to acknowledge that there was a whole lot of luck entwined
as well.  It was one of those right place at the right time scenarios.


A previously loved dress, filled with pink layers and girly appeal,
arrived at our house one day in early July.  There wasn't even time to
debate ownership as Miss J threw the dress on and began her
fashion debut.  It consisted of a twirl here and a twirl there while
Miss A looked on with eyes big as saucers and exclaimed
"mumma, I need a twirly dress too!"

thrifted fabric

As luck would have it, last week while thrifting some fabric caught my eye.  It was a pre-printed dress pattern, I assume someone had
good intentions to sew it up but never got around to
it.  Well anyway, while contemplating the work this dress would require it
dawned on me that the pattern looked very similar to said twirly
dress from July.  Hmm, things were starting to become very clear at that moment, Miss A was going to have her dress.


Once home I began the process of washing, ironing,
cutting and sewing.  I lined the upper bodice and topstitched.  The
lower half of the dress called for a simple gathered waist but instead I cut into three layers of graduating lengths and then gathered,
pinned and stitched.  Better all around for the twirl factor.


By next morning the dress was completed, washed and ironed.  I brought it to Miss A and she squealed with delight "mumma, it's an under the sea twirly
dress".  Her arms wrapped around my neck tightly and with hugs &
kisses she said "thank you mumma for letting me twirl too!"   Yup, I
did do it for love.

twirly girls


  1. That dress turned out perfect! I wish my girl would wear a dress. Just once, or twice, a year.

  2. ack. I shed a tear, all for the love...

  3. Oh man, I'm feeling for ya. I was a tomboy and never wore dresses either...unless forced, now I love skirts. My girls are tomboyish and the first few summers I always had them in cute pants/shorts and they always wanted dresses...so now I give them dresses. It's almost like reverse psychology.

  4. Tami Jo,
    you are big soft marshmallow and I think I am too! :)

  5. Oh my!! We have the same dress..well my daughters do :)
    The blue one. We also have a very similar second one with a beach theme. Fun beach dresses!

  6. so funny! I found the panel of fabric at a thrift store for $2 and had to take it home and make it. very good on for twirling.

  7. I just found you through the Pinning Grand Central of the planet. Looking through your stuff was great fun, and now I want a twirly dress, too. I just have to figure out how to make one my own little self. I so admire people who not only can do things, but can also write about it. Thank you also for the lounge pants tutorial. ONe thing about the interwebs is this mass of learning and sharing we do. It's generous of you to share what you've figured out. My compliments on your coolness, my dear.

  8. Hi Kirsten,
    Welcome here and thanks for your very kind words :) I always want a twirly dress when I see how free and easy my girlies make wearing them <3 I hope you make good use of the lounge pants and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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