We put a halt to our renovation efforts for July and August in favor of enjoying the long days of summer.  It's a short season and when we aren’t out frolicking in the sun, which would be on those endless rainy days, we migrate to the everything room.  You can see more on the progress of the room by starting here: original room, the redo, painting, and getting funky. We've come a long way baby.  

everything room

The everything room is easily the most organized room in our house and one of the first rooms we completed (well almost completed, there are a few finishes touches that need to happen but they are minor).

office area

books, books & more books

It's a room filled with everything and everything has it's place. Guitars and a piano, books, books and more books, laptops and a desktop, homeschooling, art supplies (more on that tomorrow) and of course any decent "everything room" in a house of kids has to have it's toy/play zone.

play time

I love how this room turned out and believe, over the coming years, it will adapt just fine to the changing needs of our growing family.

the table

Where does your family gather on rainy days ?


  1. what a great room!!! i'm sure all of you have fun moments in there! i love the orange walls and the dolls house (when i was a child, always i wanted one!)

  2. I LOVE this!!!!!!! LOVE. I'd be gushing if I saw it in person. I want a room like this. When it's time to redo our basement ... I want a space like this.

  3. I love this room! Is it in your basement? My family needs a room like this. Thanks for sharing your great ideas! By the way, how big is the space in the room? You sure accomplish alot in it 1

  4. One more question - where did you get the table and chairs? Is it especially made for children or is it a regular kitchen table with chairs?

  5. RosaMaria,
    We do have a lot of fun creative moments it this room that's for sure. I'm with you, I always wanted a doll house when I was little too!

  6. Monica,
    Any chance that Dale will renovate the basement after the kitchen? :o)

  7. Hi Rose,
    To answer your question, we live in a bi-level so it is only a partial basement. Plus we live on a graduated lot which means the lower level of the house ends up being level with the backyard. Does that make sense? I can't remember the exact size of the everything room but it is something like 17 x 15 feet. Yes, there is a lot going on in that room.
    The table is part of an office furniture series called Prairie View. The chairs are part of an Ikea table/chairs set called Jokkmokk. http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/80086575 The table is currently being used in my sewing zone.
    Hope that helps!

  8. one day I hope to have an everything room

  9. Maggie,
    I hope you make an everything room one day too! It's a lot of work but worth it in the end :)

  10. What a beautiful room! I want one now. :) I love the colors and the whole concept. Awesome job!

  11. marcella,
    maybe you'll find time to make a room for yourself now that the girls are at school.

  12. You've got it! You have a very creative and beautiful renovation. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Oh thank you for your kind words. We are still working on the other areas of our home and sometimes it feels endless....but I always enjoy the finished result. thanks for stopping by.


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