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Some details in the "everything room":


In this room we try to keep everything in visual range, the idea being that if one can see it, one is more likely to use it.  Of particular importance for our family are the art supplies.  With 4 kids, you can imagine that “arting” (our family word) is high on the priority list.  There is always a creation in the works in this space, something this mumma completely supports and understands, ahem.


The kids medium of choice these days is drawing centered.  From oldest to youngest, there is a constant use of pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, & markers so accessibility is paramount.  I have always stored these supplies in various plastic bins, that have over time broken down, cracked or lost their lid.  This was always a temporary solution for me as I waited for my brain to think through an alternative.   I contemplated the coffee can – too tall for short crayons/markers,
small can – too sharp, jars – still packed in the garage (and still too
tall).  After awhile I considered small wood boxes but asking the hubby
to make one more thing in a no-renovation summer would be hypocritical
after all.

art caddy   sectioned

Enter the art caddy, with a little adaptation via cardboard and exacto
knife, it now holds our daily supplies.  It spins like a lazy susan to keep
all the hands at the table happy (remember accessibility) and it looks
completely at home in the everything room. 

new: art caddy

And the best part for me is getting just a little more organized for the home schooling year ahead. 

hands on

How do you store and organize art supplies in your home?   


  1. To answer your question ... I don't!! Ha!

  2. Love the caddies. We have a small home without a lot of room, so I keep each child's supplies in a tote with a lid that we can store on a shelf and then get out when it's time to create. Here in the US, the sales are on for school supplies...which I love. Hooray for fresh pencils, crayons, and markers. Best wishes.

  3. I've been to your home and I think I remember an area dedicated to the storage/organization of supplies...are you telling a fib?

  4. Chris,
    The tote and lid is a great idea!
    We used to do that when the kids were pretty little so we didn't incur accidents along the way like marker on the walls/floor but now that they are a bit older the accessibility works well for us. I still love the tote and lid though :)
    We just stocked up on fresh markers this past week, the back to school supplies are everywhere.
    Have a happy day!

  5. I love your art caddy with the lazy susan!
    Can you tell me where you bought them? I can't find them anywhere!!!
    Thank you!


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