taking it in stride

Just another regular weekend of hunting for eggs in the snow. 

egg hunt

The weather is still chilly but the feeling of spring is in the air and that means winter is finally winding down. The kids are loving the longer, not-so-cold days. As they spend their time outside they grow ever excited about the little patches of grass they see. Miss A & Miss J are in constant chatter about the grass turning green and dry.

egg hunt

Our weekend was filled with family gatherings, parties, sick moments and big boys who still love to hunt for treasure. 

egg hunt

I managed to do a bit more studio de-cluttering. I've been packing away things that are not currently being used and all that alone time is only leading to more thinking on my part. The changes we are considering not only affect our lives, but the wee ones in our
charge. It doesn't take too long before things start to feel really unsettled and stressful. 

Breathe deeply, in and out, in and out. When the burden gets too heavy I want to be able surrender to it as if I am floating on water, for a few brief moments my body becomes one with the water and the waves. We are flowing and moving gently together, peacefully. 

'What will be, will be' ... and I remind myself that life is about the journey, not the destination. 

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