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Well it was good to get back into the studio yesterday for a little creative therapy. My stomach was not at all right last week and through most of the weekend. I've been tired, nauseous and food has not been sitting well. Good thing my hubby had the same symptoms or I'd of thought I was pregnant. Those things do tend to be a bit contagious with friends having babies right now.


I think I am desperately craving spring because my eyes couldn't depart from the yellows and greens in my stash. These colours are destined to chase the winter blues away and here's the recipe: Take a bit of patchwork...

patchwork & linen

...Add a bit of linen; mix together as creatively as desired and you have sure delight. At the very least you are on your way.  

Thank goodness the linen I ordered arrived in time to refresh my senses. Happy Monday to you!


  1. honoured to be linked... no baby yet, but feeling slower and exhausted. See you wednesday. the greens and yellows are lovely, and very springy... I will bring a spring treat to gym. call me if you are not planning to be there.

  2. linen and things2 April 2008 at 00:50

    I love reading linen related blogs :)


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