spill over

Oh my poor blog.  It is falling victim to that precarious shift that we are in right now.  We spent all, and I mean all of last week working our butts off finishing up tons of...

:: cleaning ::     little tasks...are people really going to be looking inside my cupboards??? *eek*

reno series...little task

:: ceramic tiling ::     and the not so little tasks...see how straight my lines are *proud*

reno series...big task

reno series...big task

:: kitchen ::     we painted...from a mustard yellow to green, the color reminds me of celery and my son told me the color made him 'feel safe', can't argue with that.

reno series...painting

:: light ::     I love how my pendant light looks with the new color.

reno series...light

and then inevitably the spill over occurred...

:: the studio ::     organizing...I decided to pack up the non-essentials that I am not currently working with like off season fabrics, scrap booking supplies and more.  It's a monumental task that is going to take me days to sort through if I just knew where to begin. *help*

reno series...spill over

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  1. I'm so glad this happens to more than just me!!
    I love that color, too!!!


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