shop update Monday, March 17th

I had a few hours to myself this weekend and I spent them all in the studio calmly, creating and rejuvenating this winter weary soul. The timing couldn't have been better as we head into what promises to be a busy, busy week.


We've been mulling around the idea of selling our home and feel we are ready.  With that there are a heap of unfinished tasks that need to be taken care of to make our home 'market acceptable.'  This week will be pretty labor intensive with patching, painting and of course more necessary decluttering. Thankfully my hubby is home from work all week to help me get things ready. Using his holiday time isn't exactly the best way to spend your holidays but he didn't have much choice in the matter as he had to use up his last week before the end of March. Poor fella.

embroidery on linen

While I'm not looking forward to the whole process of destabilization that comes with moving, it's a reality if we hope to move on from this abode that we have called home for the past 6 years.

embroidery on linen

If you don't hear from me this week you know what I'm doing, okay?

embroidery on linen

Before I go, I will be updating the shop on Monday March 17th. I've been having a lot of fun embroidering on linen and the items you see pictured will be available in the shop as well as a few other goodies, on that date. Stay tuned and wish me luck this week with the home repairs.


  1. I'm going to be on your shop's doorstep on the 17th, I love your detail. Good luck with the sale - don't you love the upheaval and change that comes from a move? Even when you're hating the upheaval and move. :)
    Be sure to label all the boxes!


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