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I picked up these looms at the big box giant craft store (BBGCS) last weekend, it was one of those spontaneous 'must haves' on the way home from Costco.  Both my sons have been asking me to teach them to knit and after giving it a go a few times with the J-man, who is doing quite well I might add, I wondered if the B-meister would get too frustrated with the sticks method.  Then I remembered that I had seen some knitting looms at the BBGCS before Christmas, which were initially interesting to my eye but not tempting enough to for me to purchase for myself.  I'm a stick girl I said.   But hey, I may be tempted away from my sticks long enough to give these looms a try.  The B-meister is already becoming adept at the knifty knitter.  With a bit of instruction at the start he was comfortable with the whole process and well, it was simple enough to work with.

he's a knifty knitter, loom knitting

I'm happy that he picked it up so quickly. The B-man is a math genius, completely brilliant with numbers but has a tendency to question his own abilities outside of that realm. Probably the combination of his personality type, birth order and who knows what else. I can relate to him though, not the brilliance but the questioning, and I just want him to know that whatever he wants to try to do, he should.  Even if it means stepping out of his comfort zone. 

he's a knifty knitter, loom knitting

Be a good lesson for me to follow too...stepping out of my comfort zone...hmmm.

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