longer days

The cold weather has not let up and that's a big mood buster around here and general drag. To add to it, we will set the clocks forward this weekend to bring longer days but it does not necessarily bring a quicker spring. Is this post going quickly downhill? Yeah, I'm trying to stay above it all with the self talk of "soon enough we will back outdoors" and "soon enough the snow will melt and the grass will appear."  But for all my positive-isms I'm feeling grumpy.  Did I mention that I am a beach girl?

shop sneak peek

I'm still working steadily on my therapy and thought maybe you might need a little boost too! While I'm at it, here are some sneak peeks of a future shop update.  I'll finalize that date next week *xfingers*

shop sneak peek

Have a pleasant weekend everyone, in spite of the weather.

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