zippers are challenging...

Let me just get that off my chest before I start delving too far into this post.  I though the fussiest part was going to be figuring the patchwork.  I
was wrong.  Though it did require a bit of planning, I ended up drawing
out a diagram because my brain refused to retain the information
(excuse the messy drawing).   The zipper was the hardest part.  Uggh, can
I say that again? Uggh.  It's not that the zipper is so difficult, it
just takes time, patience and loads of pins.  For me when I get the end
of a project it is at the last bit that I want it "over with"   Unfortunately the starts & finishes are usually most crucial to success.  Ah well, in the end it all
worked out and I have a few extra band aids on my fingers to accommodate the pin pokes...Ouch!

Here is the finished project... 

I'm happy with how they turned out.  They speak of spring to me and perhaps they will help bring about the warmer weather this body so craves.  I took the girls out to the backyard for a bit after their nap to get some fresh air and snap some pictures. 

I don't know if they were more excited to be outdoors or to be wearing their new jackets & rubber boots.  I know I'm biased, but I just think they are adorable. 

So I didn't get to my chili yesterday, I was outnumbered my the males in the family who all wanted hamburgers.  In retrospect, they were very delicious and another first of the season.  As for the chili, Monica kindly left a link to a delicious looking recipe which I quickly printed.  I will get to this if not today than maybe sometime on the weekend.  I sure hope it was yummy Monica?? 


  1. The jackets and boots are adorable. Although possibly it's the girls in the boots and jackets that make the outfits adorable.

  2. Those are adorable!!! You are amazing, T!!! Amazing!! Seriously!!!
    I did make the chili and my hands smelled of cilantro and lime. I could hardly stand it they smelled so good! D says it's the best chili he's ever had. I had to agree. :)


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