wip florals

Another project on the go. I'm making something adorable for the girls. At least I hope it is adorable. I'm using a few different patterns for this particular project as I like a bit of this and a bit of that. Here's a quick pic of the fabrics.


I hope I can get started on it sometime today, though that may not be possible as I really want to go to the park with the kids. I have a hard time getting anything done when the weather is beautiful. All I want to do is be outside. Makes me wonder if my sewing machine is going to go hiatus for a couple of months.

What are your plans for today? Do they involve the outdoors?   

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  1. I've missed so many posts! Looking forward to seeing what this is going to be. :)
    Don't you find that you kinda wish for rainy days when the weather turns nice, so you can finish/work on indoor projects. I feel so much more motivated to do things (any things) when the sun is shining and the weather warm. I just feel a bit like it's a waste to stay inside.


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