Potty training...yeah right!

Have I mentioned at all yet that I am so ready to be done with diapers for Miss A & Miss J?  It's not so much about the changing them, it's has more to do with the constant rashes that they get because their torso is soaking up the urine.  Lovely morning subject I know.  Grab your coffee and come on in, sit awhile...
Well yesterday after dinner the kids and I all went outside.  I thought I would try an experiment and take the girls outside in their pants with no diapers.  I figure they can't understand the discomfort of peeing themselves unless they pee themselves.  Well, it worked out fine.  After an hour of being outside, Miss A peed right on cue and cried up a storm as the pee pee soaked her pants and pooled into the bottom of her rubber boots.  Poor thing.  I took her in & gave her a bath while she cried the whole time for her diaper.  Miss J on the other hand didn't pee herself nor did she pee on the potty.  I'm sure she will have a doser [pronounced Due-zer; is that really a word??] of a diaper when she wakes up. 

This isn't my first attempt, the other day I got the girls to sit on the potty together.  They each have a yellow one.  I even demonstrated how it works, you sit down, you think a happy thought and then voila, pee pee.  Well, they both looked at me like they were thinking "she's our mother and she's crazy."  They sat quietly for about 2 minutes waiting for the pee pee to come and in the end they both burst into tears looking completely traumatized. 
Okay, so I get the point....they aren't ready.  But I'm ready!  I'm ready because summer is around the corner and it's a great season to potty train.  Bare butts are easier to expose when it isn't minus 30 degrees.  It will be nicer for them to not wear hot sweaty diapers.  Much easier for me because my going out bag will be really light.    Oh there are so many reasons.   But alas I will put it off for now and try again a bit later.  At the very least they know via the demonstration that their mum doesn't pee her pants (except when she's on the trampoline, but that's another story that I'm not telling).

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