late night...need coffee

I was all set to go to bed early last night until my dh put a movie in at 11:00 pm. It's hard for me to go to bed at anytime but throw a movie in and I get my second, third and fourth wind. I get wired. His movie ended shortly after 1:00 am and he headed to bed meanwhile I am stuck in the middle of a monotonous & boring project: cleaning my desk and sorting through a huge pile of papers that I have been avoiding.  When all was completed the clock said it was 4:00 am :eek: Way late even for me! Today I am dragging my feet and my brain is a bit foggy, I'm sure that will all pass at around 9:00 pm tonight. That's novel, I'll wake up in time for bed. 

We had a nice visit with friends out of town. We went for a walk to a huge Provincial park nearby which was pretty deserted as it has yet to open to the public. As you can tell it is still pretty brown here. The colder weather is taking a bit of time surrendering to the inevitable Spring. Soon enough things will be gloriously warm and green. FYI, my dh is on the left.

The kids had a blast on the walk and on the play structure. The boys climbed all things climb-able.

While Miss A master her skills of pushing people down the slide...whether they were ready or not!

We left long after the sunset to an almost quiet drive home with 3 out of 4 children fast asleep in the van. Miss A kept us awake with her versions of the songs Happy Birthday to you and Twinkle, Twinkle. 

Back to today, I'm off to the store to pick up a few essential items. Perhaps the fresh air will quicken my awakening. The cup of coffee in my travel mug can only help. Have a great day!

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